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Gender Equality Trainings

We have a wide range of awareness and skill trainings for staff and management that can help your work environment to become more inclusive and egalitarian. Read on to learn more!



Length: Between 1 – 2.5 hours

Participant Number: 80-100

Goal: Participants have an understanding of how individuals are taught gender roles by society and the effects these roles have on them as individuals and their community, and increase participants’ base level knowledge and awareness about gender equality.

Content: In this training for all organizational staff, the topics explored include equality, discrimination, what gender equality is and how gender inequalities manifest in our daily lives, the current state of women and men in Turkey, gender discrimination in the work place, and what can be done to promote equality. Participants are encouraged to notice gender inequality in all areas of their life, as workers and members of society, and discover what they can do to promote gender equality.

Pioneers of Change Workshop

Length: 3 days

Participant Number: 30

Goal: Participants learn the concepts related to gender equality in greater depth, with the of greater awareness on gender roles and how they play out in homes, places of work, and community, and how to take action for change in their lives starting from their places of work.

Content: The main topics of the workshop are equality, discrimination, gender roles, and gender equality in the workplace. In addition, the participants explore steps they can take to support change and transformation regarding gender equality. As a result, we aim that participants leave the workshop ready to lead changes in their organizations regarding gender equality by making it an organizational priority and through dissemination of the information that they learned.

Train the Trainer

Length: 4 days

Participant Number: 30

Goal: Participants learn how to become gender equality trainers at their place of work, and how to disseminate the information provided in our other trainings in the long term and in a sustainable manner to the rest of their colleagues throughout their organization.

Content: With our Train the Trainer Trainings, companies have the chance to develop gender equality trainers among their staff. These trainers are able to disseminate the information provided in our other trainings in the long term and in a sustainable manner within the organization, helping to foster an organizational culture that values equality. In this training, future trainers learn the basic concepts about gender along with communication and group management skills. As a result of the training, we aim for participants to increase their awareness of gender equality and knowledge regarding raising this awareness among others, in turn leading to organizational change and transformation brought on by these future educators’ inhouse training efforts.

Gender Equality Programs

Looking for something a little more long term? Our programs are a great space for participants to really engage with gender equality and develop a greater understanding. They are then ready to use this new found knowledge and skills in all aspects of their life.


Length: 13 sessions 2 hour sessions occuring once a week

Participant Number: 33

Goal: Developing advanced reading skills, developing the relevant mental and social skills beneficial in the professional world, and increasing participant awareness about gender equality. The aim of the program is to support women in remaining in the work force for longer and happier careers.

Content: Our women’s empowerment program, called POWER Program, for women focuses on a wide range of topics, such as setting personal goals for self-development, exploring ways to take more active roles in their work life, developing maths, communication, and technological skills, and learning about women’s and human rights. Participation is limited to women with a high school degree or lower in this program focused on empowered and building solidarity. Together with the participants we create a space that is egalitarian through an approach that is active, participatory, and geared towards sharing. Included in the program is a city tour where participants become familiarized with the resources provide by city services. Lastly, in order to promote reading and continued future learning, efforts are made to create a library in the women’s work environment.