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Would you like to improve on hiring more women or increase the ratio of women in managerial positions? Do you aim to increase the number of women working in male dominant professions? Is ending sexism in the workplace one of your priorities? We can support you with our awareness and skill building trainings designed for all workers and management teams to ensure that your work culture is more inclusive and egalitarian.

  • To increase the awareness of all workers, see “Equality Awareness Training”
  • To create a group of change leaders in your organizations, see “Taking Action for Change”
  • To create a group of gender equality trainers within your organization, see “Circulating Equality”
  • For the empowerment of women workers who have left their education early and to support them remaining in the workforce longer, see “POWER Program”

For information about each training please click on their titles below.

“Equality Awareness Training”

This training is meant for all members of your organization. During the training participants will learn how society teaches women and men specific gender roles, how these roles affect individuals, society and work places, and develop their awareness for gender equality.

Method: In Person and Online (Zoom)


“Taking Action for Change”

Participants discuss gender equality in greater depth and are encouraged to take action for change in their family and community starting from their places of work. After the workshop, participants are expected to lead gender equality change initiatives within their organization, making it an organizational priority and spreading their knowledge and values in their spheres of influence.

Method: In Person and Online (Zoom)


“Circulating Equality”

This train the trainer approach aims to create a team of educators within the organization. Participants who successfully complete this training are able to continue providing gender equality trainings within their organizations in order to help promote a work culture that values gender equality.

Method: In Person.

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“POWER Program”

In this women empowerment program participants are provided a space to find strength and solidarity. The program aims for the participants to remain in the workforce longer by focusing on developing advanced reading skills in addition to mental and social skills that will support them in their careers, and by raising their awareness of gender equality. Only women who have completed middle school or of lower education levels are accepted.

Method: In Person.

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Did you have something more long term in mind to promote gender equality within your organization? Tailored specifically to your needs, we can help support your organization to make change for gender equality.